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13 vrouwen vertellen waarom ze iemand ‘geghost’ hebben

“Ghosten”. De term die weergeeft dat je abrupt al het contact verbreekt met de persoon met wie je een relatie of ‘ding’ hebt. Je verdwijnt van zijn/haar radar en negeert de inkomende berichtjes.

Het is naar als je geghost wordt. Je weet niet waarom je genegeerd wordt en je hebt geen duidelijkheid of het nou ‘aan’ of ‘uit’. Het is een vreselijke ervaring om mee te maken, en daarom kunnen we ons maar met moeite verplaatsen in personen die zelf iemand geghost hebben. Deze 13 vrouwen vertellen waarom ze iemand geghost hebben, en eerlijk: sommige redenaties snappen we nog best.

1. “Just wasn’t feeling it. I hooked up with this guy when I was on a trip, and I was likely not going to see him again. He kept trying to hold my hand the next day and that kinda weirded me out. Fast forward a year and he is still constantly texting and Snapchatting me, and sometimes I occasionally respond. I never got why guys ghosted me in the past, but now I kinda get it. SOmetimes you just aren’t feeling it” – Megan, 24

2. “I didn’t really like the guy. He was way too intense and douchy at the same time. I felt he was pushing me too hard so I stopped answering his texts after the fourth date.” – Jan, 33

3. “There was not nearly enough investment (on either part) for me to see it as a bad thing to do” – mysecretoutlet

4. “Its way easier than speaking to them. That would just be incredibly awkward ans so 1990s adult” – dont_beacunt

5. “They were pissing me off” – Tara, 39

6. “Two were because they were too aggressive with their approach. Another time was because I got back together with my ex. We had been talking for a while, and I didn’t have the nerve to tell him. He was such a nice guy. I still feel bad when I think about it. Also, I was talking/hanging out with a guy and regretfully hooked up with him. It was bad. I didn’t feel any type of connection and lost all attraction toward him. He would call and message, and I just never responded” – Bianca, 34

7. “Either we went out and, like, I really wasn’t into it, or I gave someone random my number and realized I never wanted to talk to them again. or they kept texting me and being annoying. Or they booty called me” – Dani, 24

8. “He was really creeping me out. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I stopped replying to him” – Mimi, 30

9. “He wouldn’t take ‘I’m just not interested’ as an answer” – maryjanandbobbysox

10. “He wouldn’t leave me alone. We went to a movie one time – I didn’t consider it a date, he did – and then he texted me ‘good morning’literally every morning for the next 2 months. I stopped replying after a while and then changed my number” – totallyworkinghere

11. “One night, probably the third or fourth time he came over to my apartment. He didn’t even text me when he got to my place or knock on the door. He just walked right in — a bit of a red flag because I did not feel we were at all on that level yet. I still didn’t even know him that well, it was all still super new. Flash forward about a week, he wanted to hang out one night and just wasn’t taking no for an answer. I was planning on grabbing food with my friends and playing trivia at a local bar, and he kept just inviting himself, even though I would tell him it was just us girls that were going.

Eventually, I stopped answering his texts asking what time we were going, though he was still texting me,”I’m gonna leave in a few minutes,” and “I’ll meet you either at the bar or at your apartment,” just let me know where. I didn’t answer him. After a little while, I was in my bedroom and heard his footsteps coming up the stairs to my apartment door, AND HEARD HIM TRYING TO OPEN THE FRONT DOOR. It was locked because I was half wondering if he was really persistent/crazy enough to actually show up even though I hadn’t answered any of his texts for the last 2 hours AND DIDN’T INVITE HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE.” – Cassie, 26

12. “He took me to a sports bar on our fourth or fifth date for a football game and tolm me to ‘shhhh’ or ‘one second’ during the game several times. Then told me what a great time he had afterward. I barely spoke!” – Ally, 24

13. “I was watching football with a guy I had been seeing for few months and his friends. He didn’t know what a field goal was and completerly disinterested in the game. I made an excuse to leave during the game and never texted or called him back” – Annie, 25

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13 vrouwen vertellen waarom ze iemand ‘geghost’ hebben