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15 mensen vertellen wanneer ze wisten dat hun relatie klaar was

Het is een vraag die we ons bijna allemaal weleens hebben afgevraagd: wanneer weet je dat je relatie niet meer werkt?

Deze mensen verklappen op Reddit wanneer zij wisten dat ze beter een punt konden zetten achter hun relatie, en de oorzaken lopen heel erg uiteen. Van niet meer lachen om elkaars grappen tot het vermijden van romantische uitingen. Deze mensen online weten nog precies wanneer ze het realiseerden.

1. Hij deed zijn best niet meer

“When there was zero effort on his part. I always felt so unloved and unwanted. I don’t think anyone should feel like that within their own relationship.. I left once, went back, then left again for good after 3 months. Wasn’t easy but was definitely for the best.” – kmarie497

2. Altijd nieuwe onderwerpen voor ruzie

“It got to the part where she would constantly try and find new things to argue with me about. She made me feel so bad about myself and everything I did. Every single day I had to be extra careful what I said to her because she could turn mean in a flash and ruin my whole day. Then she’d force me into apologizing for it.

It got to the point where I honestly thought about breaking it up with her. I went halfway through with it, she caught on and persuaded me to not do it. It was a big mistake, I should have broken up with her there and then, but she had too much power over me. After that I honestly stopped caring. I didn’t care if she got upset and eventually it didn’t get to me anymore. When she realized this she broke up with me, but truthfully I had already broken up with her mentally a long time ago.

I’m still trying to mentally recover from that relationship. I have a new girlfriend now and I’ve never been happier in my life. But my old relationship fucked me up pretty bad so I’m still trying to sort through stuff to this day. I never let anyone around me know about it if I’m going through anything. My girlfriend doesn’t fully know about it either. I’m not planning on telling her either. I intend to power through it because I know I can become a better person for my own and everybody else’s sake.” – holybull

3. Toen de emotie weg was

“When I realized I didn’t care if she cheated on me. The flood of feeling no emotions for this person was overwhelming, and became my wake up call that the relationship was over.” – one_wicked_element

4. Het was niet meer leuk om samen te zijn

“When I cancelled a date because of no other reason than that I just didn’t want to hang out with him.” – soccorgirl13

5. Toen de grappen niet meer grappig waren

“When they stop laughing at jokes or playing along with inside jokes you had with them.” – blanco4prez

6. De realisatie dat je alleen samen bent, omdat je niet alleen wil zijn

“When I looked at him and thought, “Maybe we should just keep dating until both of us find people we’d actually like to be with” – emberspark

7. Toen een ruzie uit de hand liep

“My mom had borderline personality disorder and was shot point blank by her brother 10 years ago. While having a fight with my then boyfriend he blurts out “if your mother was as fucking crazy as you maybe she deserved it” I knew I’d never be able to look at him the same after that.” – nataliekaren

8. Toen het als een verplichting ging voelen

“When all my romantic spontaneous gestures stop being romantic and are annoying to her instead; holding doors open, surprise flowers, surprise tickets to whatever show, fancy home made dinner. The moment you realize that kissing and holding hands becomes a chore for her that’s when you know it’s over. Wasted a good 8 years doing those things and thought we’d get married but people change I guess.” – A0mine_Daiki

9. Als de relatie alleen nog maar ‘handig’ of ‘makkelijk’ is

“When I realised he literally couldn’t care less if we were together or not, that he was just keeping me around because I was “convenient”. I still waited hoping he’d start to actually care about me.” – SugarTits1

10. Wanneer het idee leuker is dan de realiteit

“When I became more in love with my memory’s of her than the person standing I front of me.” – Gamefart101

11. Toen bleek dat er überhaupt geen liefde bij kwam kijken

“When my wife burst into tears one night saying “the only reason I married you is because you asked me” – Moonwaffler

12. De grootste dealbreaker: vreemdgaan

“I had been to a bar for a night out with friends and my girlfriend, and stopped over at my girlfriends afterwards. The following morning I charged my phone up and my friends called. Their choice of words was ‘Get out of that house right now.’

It turns out that after I had left the bar with my girlfriend, some girls approached my friends and said ‘You know that girl that your friend has just left with has a boyfriend?’ To which they replied ‘Yeah that IS her boyfriend…’ She replied with ‘No, I know who her boyfriend is, that’s not him.’
Bye Bye.”
– Ipreferaflan

13. Wanneer je elkaar alleen maar kwetst

“When everything the two of you say to one another is passive aggressive or said solely to hurt them or push their buttons… It’s the end” – laram

14. Als hij duidelijk meer geeft om zichzelf dan jouw leven

“I went rock climbing with my BF of nearly a year, and slipped and fell into a waterfall. I landed wedged between two rocks with a 50-foot drop below, with icy water pouring down the back of my shorts. It was scary as hell but I eventually managed to climb out. As we were talking about it later, he mentioned that he was terrified…not because I could have fallen to my bloody, broken doom, but because it would have been on the news and his ex would have found out he was there with me.” – anoniem

15. Als je helemaal niet op hetzelfde niveau zit

“We were on our third date and she was all ready talking about getting married and having kids.” – pyrofox1313

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15 mensen vertellen wanneer ze wisten dat hun relatie klaar was