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16 mannen over de meest onaantrekkelijke dingen die een vrouw kan dragen

Natuurlijk kleden we ons voor onszelf en niet voor mannen, maar stiekem vinden we het best grappig om te weten wat de heren zou eigenlijk afknappers vinden.

We vroegen het zelf al eens in Guy Talk, maar op Reddit werd de vraag gesteld wat mannen nou écht het lelijkste vinden wat een vrouw kan dragen. Daar kwamen nogal wat hilarische antwoorden uit. Mannen houden blijkbaar écht niet van high-waisted broeken…

1. “Any shoes that make a woman look like a newborn foal trying to walk.”

2. “Drawn on eyebrows. Hands down.”

3. “Earrings that I could jump through.”

4. “Kind of weird but I really don’t like the look of empire waistlines. It isn’t flattering and never seems to match the occasion! A-LINE PEOPLE! A-LINE SENDS ME OVER THE MOON AND BACK!”

5. “Those ugly ass giant 70’s style sunglasses frames. They make you look like an ugly alien. They do not flatter anyone.”

6. “Those high waist cut of jean shorts. They make 90% of people look like a muffin.”

7. “High-waisted shorts. It’s like a magician was like “Watch as I magically make this woman’s butt disappear! Aaaaaand… (girl puts shorts on) voila!”

8. “That hairstyle where only one side of their head is shaved… Ridiculous looking.”

9. “Too much fake tan. Giant fake nails. High waisted pants. Shaving one side of your head. That has got to be the worst trend in recent years.”

10. “Those baby doll dresses that appear to be nothing more than drapes for boobs. The waistline or whatever you want to call it is mid-torso.”

11. “Dark lipstick. It can work if done right, but most girls I’ve seen just look sickly. Looking like you have cyanosis isn’t attractive to me.”

12. “I hate cat eye glasses. It makes you look like a bitchy librarian or a mom on a Disney Channel original series.”

13. “Dyeing your hair grey… Why?”

14. “Pants above the belly button. This requires at least 2 kids to be acceptable in my books.”

15. “From what I can tell every single woman under the age of 45 or so loves those ballet flats, but I find them horribly unflattering. I don’t even like super-high heels or anything, but they’re just SO flat they tend to make the woman look like a duck walking around.”

16. “Can’t believe nobody has said this yet – pajama bottoms. They are not flattering. At all. On anybody. They only tell the world that you’ve given up trying and have no self respect.”

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16 mannen over de meest onaantrekkelijke dingen die een vrouw kan dragen