18 vrouwen delen de complimenten die ze het vervelendst vinden om te krijgen

Natuurlijk is het vaak leuk om complimenten te krijgen, maar soms zijn complimenten zo negatief (echt dapper dat jij in bikini gaat!) of zo pervy dat ze je juist super boos kunnen maken.

Op Reddit deelden vrouwen de meest verschrikkelijke complimenten die ze ooit kregen.


“Any compliment that follows the “you sure are x for a y.” Such as, “you sure are pretty for a woman your age.” Or “you sure are smart for a girl.” Just bad form all around.” – clearingpuppy


“”You’re hot for an Asian” and “I’ve always wanted to get with an Asian”
1) didn’t know Asians were universally ugly, and that I’m an exception
2) thanks for reducing me to a check mark on your bucketlist” – 69poop420


“”I was wearing a form fitting dress and my boyfriend of the time said, “you look like a sexy sausage.” There was a lot of explaining and backtracking afterwards.” – Moar_Cuddles_Please”


“I think the best one recently is, “Oh, you don’t look like you’re Mexican”. “You’re so pretty for being Mexican”. Like what? Am I supposed to have sombrero and mustache, orrrrrr?” – offensiveminds


““You’d make great wifey material” said by a guy who has never even met you.” – wssw23


““Damnnnn girl, you’re built like a Chevy truck!”. The fuck?” – _Ignorance_Is_Bliss


“*takes off glasses to clean them* “You look pretty without glasses” I appreciate being called pretty but I need my glasses to see.” – roughlythreepoint14


““You should smile more” Just tell me my smile is pretty” – crunchyturtles


““You look really cute when you’re mad.” Okay… I feel neither complimented nor less mad” – sydneyunderfoot


“When a guy you just met makes lewd “compliments”, such as “I bet you taste great”” – funchy


“I don’t know if it’s meant as a compliment, but when a man calls me a ‘good girl’” – vulnerablehuman


“Really sick of guys telling me they’re “super into redheads” or “I only date redheads.” Way to make me feel like that’s the only thing that matters about me for you…” – starknolonger


“‘I’ve got Yellow Fever.’ … Ok? Ew. Stop. Don’t hit on me just because I’m Asian.” – convulsant


“I’ve had a few instances of guys I barely talked to in a college class text me after the course has ended and told me how much they loved looking at my ass in class. like what. thats creepy.” – okaydooke


“After a woman does something really badass or something that demonstrates how smart she is…don’t immediately complement her looks, it’s not as nice as you may mean it to be!” – ApoplecticBubbles


““A lesbian? But you’re so pretty, you could find a boyfriend real quick.”” – katieames


“When people call me milk chocolate, African princess, nubian queen. Like calm down.” – LaurdAlmighty


“Men who feel the need to point out how big my tits are. A guy that I saw around campus DM’ed me on instagram and said, “just thought you should know, you have some really big boobs.” No shit, they aren’t on my chest or anything.” – captyoyogirl

Maar hey, negen van de tien keer is het gewoon leuk om een complimentje te krijgen. Benieuwd wat mannen bijzonder of mooi vinden aan vrouwen die ze tegenkomen? Deze zeven mannen deelden wie de mooiste vrouw was die ze ooit zagen.


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18 vrouwen delen de complimenten die ze het vervelendst vinden om te krijgen