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24 mannen onthullen waar ze het meest onzeker over zijn

Dat we zelf veel onzekerheden hebben, is niets nieuws voor ons en we begrijpen ook wel dat mannen soms onzeker zijn. Hier wordt alleen veel minder vaak over gepraat.

Om toch al die onzekerheden eens uit te spreken, werd op Reddit de volgende vraag gesteld: ‘To all the guys out there, what are you most self conscious about?’ We hebben een aantal van de antwoorden verzameld, en daaruit blijkt dat mannen zich ook vaak genoeg druk maken.

1. “When a girl smiles at me and I can’t tell if when I smile back if it looks genuine or forced. I feel super awkward about it” – tastosis

2. “An ex was having an affair for months and when I found out she said she loved me in every way, it’s just that this guy was brilliant at sex. She actually believed that was a valid reason to cheat and I’d be okay with it. Unfortunately it’s left me feeling like I must be crap in bed ever since.” – sadafmusf

3. “My height. No matter how much I lift I’ll always be short.” – big_bearded_nerd

4. “Going bald. Although, there is the added benefit of the bald brotherhood.” -Des56

5. “What my face looks like from the side. The majority of the times I see my own face is head on in a mirror, so whenever I see myself from the side I think I look weird. Also I have bad posture, neck sticks too far forward.” – MrSnek

6. “I’m kinda booooring to talk to if I don’t know you very well.” – A_Suvorov

7. “My eye contact. I always feel like I’m doing it wrong.” – KaolaCubed

8. “I don’t know how to smile properly. Like when I try to smile my eyes are almost closed and I hate the way I look in photos. I’m super unphotogenic and I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it.” – Beschuss

9. “My acne” – bobyknish

10. “Being hairy. Always feel like I’m being judged.” – Anklebender91

11. “My intelligence. I don’t feel smart, or trust my ideas or opinions over other people’s. I almost always back down from a debate or disagreement and typically let people walk all over me. Sucks.” – TheMadOnes27

12. “My laugh. It’s much more childish than everyone else’s.” – ShyGuy1265

13. “Been going bald for 5 years now and Rogaine was too much to deal with. I’ve sort of accepted it, but sometimes it just brings me down.
It’s almost like a form of dysmorphia (sp?) where I can only ever picture myself with hair. Sometimes I’ll shave it all off, and everyone tells me I look angry or mean. It’s such a common thing, but it sucks for me. That being said, there are worse problems to have.” – Freudian_gollum_slip

14. “My personality. I’m not sure if its the real me or a mask I have worn my whole adult life to hide the real me.” – Rabidleopard

15. “Short stature is easily one of the hardest things for an average man to get over. You’re reminded of it everywhere you go, on tv and with your friends. And worst is when you’re made to feel like its a quality holding you back, like when a girl tells you “you’re too short”, especially since it isn’t something you can change.” – Plutotalks

16. “My lack of income compared to my SO” – everyday_a_cakeday

17. “That I can’t grow a fucking beard.” – NamWarrior412

18. “My homosexuality. I come from an extremely bigoted place, and it’s extremely hard to be gay in this area. No joke, some kid got shot a while ago because he was openly gay.” – PM_ME_UR_STEAMKEY

19. “My man boobs. Started in early high school. Teased all through school, I haven’t been in the water in over 15 years because of low self image. Never had sex without a tshirt on. I got depression and lost a girlfriend over it who I was in love with – so have stayed single for the following five years.” – Pain_Brings_Gains

20. “My hands, they’re small for my height. Like, I’ve seen girls who are shorter than me with bigger hands than me.” – McDonalds_Spokesman

21. “My income. I’m confortable and happy, but I can’t support another person.” – dynamite_goat

22. “Not being manly enough, I’m very attractive and well-groomed, but I’m also a nice guy and have a kind face. I want to be seen as a man, not some softy.” – SheetShitter

23. “My height (5’7″) and I have way more grey hair than any 29 year old should. I know I could dye it but then I’ll just have to do it again in a month so there’s no point.” IdioticUsername

24. “Penis size. Not that it matters – I’m married, but there ya go.
My balls are on the small size, too, but ‘small potatoes make the meat look bigger’…” – Gld4neer

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24 mannen onthullen waar ze het meest onzeker over zijn