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Deze 30 mensen delen de meest bizarre redenen waarom hun relatie stuk liep

Break-ups zijn nou eenmaal verschrikkelijk, maar soms loopt een relatie stuk om wel een hele vreemde reden. Deze 30 mensen weten er alles van.

Van met je blote handen mosterd smeren op je frietjes (jakkes), tot Nickelback vergelijken met Shakespeare – deze dingen gingen gewoon helemaal te ver. We snappen dat je niet met iemand kan leven die je kat stom vindt en je hamburger opeet terwijl je naar de wc bent. Voor deze 30 mensen waren deze dingen erg genoeg om het uit te maken. Lees mee, en geniet.


“We had planned to do dinner and a movie but I had to work late, so we stopped at Chik-Fil-A on the way to the theater. After she finished eating, she threw her trash out of my car and into the street. I never spoke to her again after that day.” – sheogorath366


“We are at a local brewery and she looks as though she is about to cry. I ask her what the problem is and she mentions that they don’t have any vegan options. They have plenty of vegetarian options that allow for you to substitute for vegan cheese, so I suggest that. At this point tears are rolling down her cheek. I ask if she has another place in mind and she immediately perks up. We head over to that restaurant and she orders fish tacos.” – twoheadedcoy2


“His toenails were so long they clicked on the floor like a dog.” – condimentia


“I took her out to eat. I said I wanted the salmon, she suggested I ordered a burger ‘like a man’.” – BobbySwagger


“I dated this girl who was the loudest eater I ever met. She constantly chewed with her mouth open and smacked her lips. God forbid if she really liked it, then there came a litany of mmms and noms as well. It was like dating the cookie monster.” – CloudJockey


“She refused to eat anything besides chicken nuggets and french fries. No substitutions. Not chicken tenders. Not chicken strips. If we went somewhere without nuggets and fries she would just order a Coke and watch me eat.
I once made the mistake of cooking dinner for her. She took one bite and asked if I would be offended if she ran to McDonalds to get nugs/fries.”
– anoniem


“I once broke up with a girl because she couldn’t ever decide on something. I would say, “Lets go to the movies” and I’d even ask what movie she wanted to see, and she would NEVER make up her mind. Drove me nuts.
Turns out she had another boyfriend, and when I confronted her about it, she told me “She couldn’t decide between the two of us.” fml”
– borstyy


“The voice she used to baby talk to her dog was insufferable. Occasionally she would use it on me but not a lot. Then one night she asked me, “Can I sucky on your dicky?” It was the first, and last, time I turned down sexual activity. We broke up right then and there.” – BrosephKennedy


“She ate my burger that I ordered at Chili’s. I asked her if she wanted food. She said no. Right as the food came I went to the bathroom. I came back and the f*cking burger was gone. “Oops I’m sorry I was a little hungry.” F you.” – Kennard


“I hung in there for like 2 years.. The thing that did me in? She made noises, like all the time, and then giggle at herself.
She’d sit down in a chair “ploppppp, hehe.” She’d fluff up a pillow “foof foof foof hehe.” She’d use the TV remote “pshew pshew hehe.” We’d eat out “cunch cunch hehe.”
At the end, I wanted to jump off the roof.”
– Maarek


“I once broke up with a girl because I thought she was hiding something and was going to break up with me. Turns out she was indeed hiding something: a trip to the Caribbean. For us. I was an idiot at 22.” – MyBatmanUnderoos


“She asked what I would do if someone poked a hole in my condom.” – livestreambot


“She used to sneak up on me while I’m peeing, grab hold of my junk and start aiming for me. Eventually, I started to fake being startled so I’d have an excuse to piss on her feet, in the hopes that she would realize it’s a bad idea.” – SlapMyHams


“She didn’t believe in the moon landing” – blazetheworld


“She was putting mustard on her fries by applying it to her hand first and then rubbing it all over the fries. Then she licked the mustard off her hand. You would never ever think she would do this by looking at her or speaking to her.” – callmesnake13


“I dated a girl for a short time, based on a blind date. One night, we were driving to dinner and I was telling a story. I ended by saying “It was funny as hell.” She looked at me and asked, “Do you really think hell is funny?”
Awkward dinner was the last dinner.”
– Beaglepower


“She was a one-upper. She’d have a better version of every one of my stories.” – tommynightmare


“I was 9 at the time. Got a girlfriend on a Thursday, my mom got me glasses that weekend. I came back to school with glasses and the moment my girlfriend saw me she said “ewwww you dork” and broke up with me. She’s a heroin addict now.” – TheBlkBecSnd


“She would belch like a trucker, and then look at me excitedly for approval. One time she forced the belch too hard, and threw up in her own lap like a sick dog.” – anoniem


“She would constantly talk specifically during the dialogue of movies. In scenes where nobody was talking…silence. Then as soon as somebody started talking:
– adamiojsg


“Every time I yawned she thought it hilarious if she stuck her finger in my open mouth. I could never relax…always had to be prepared for oral violation” – AbeLincolnsBallsack


“She said nickelback was modern day Shakespeare.” – nathanb065


“He was really nice, but when we got to speaking on Facebook and text he could barely spell anything, and didn’t find grammar necessary. I felt bad until he called me a bitch.” – lolsasha


“Was staying at a beachhouse with girlfriend and her family. Outdoor shower. I’m in there fapping up a storm because, I don’t know, it felt appropriate at the time. You ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? Turns out you can look down into the shower from the top deck railing and her mom and aunt are laughing it up like little girls watching me operate the dutch rudder. I didn’t say a single word to girlfriend, got in my car, drove 3 hours home. Just never called her.” – GTEAEYE


“I was a 15 year old freshmen and she was 17 year old senior. When we started dating, she said she wanted to wait two months before having sex. I was a virgin and wasn’t even really worried about it so I agreed. Then a month later things got hot and heavy and she insisted that we do it; I asked “are you sure? You said you wanted to wait” but she insisted on banging it out anyways. Afterwards, she said that it was a test to see if I would actually wait like I said I would. Then she dumped me.” – Goldsteina


“He didn’t eat anything but potatoes, peanut butter, and ramen. He wasn’t a broke college student, just a f*cking picky eater. Nope. Adios.” – jessicaaannneee


“I had left him in the restaurant because he said that cats are stupid. I asked once again: “So, you’re saying that MY cat is stupid???” He said: “Yes …” I stood up and went away. That was our first (and last!) date.” – anoniem


“I had an ex leave me after five years so she could “go be young”. About three years later she has two kids and she’s divorced.” – iowabeans


“He used water in his cereal instead of milk.” – godshirma


“It’s actually story of someone breaking up with me. She said on a dinner that things aren’t working out and we need to break up. I said: OK! she said: you are really inconsiderate, I was trying to give you another chance! I said: do I have any chance? She said: NO! I said OK! I don’t know why she started throwing fries at me!!!” – anoniem

Mensen onthullen de gekste dingen die hun exen deden tijdens de break-up

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Deze 30 mensen delen de meest bizarre redenen waarom hun relatie stuk liep