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Suze van As Love & Life 11 mei 2019
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6 getrouwde mannen onthullen hun geheime seksuele verlangens

Op het internet kun je je nog redelijk verschuilen achter een anonieme identiteit. Deze zes mannen zagen dat als uitkomst om hun bijzondere seksuele verlangens te delen.

We zijn altijd benieuwd wat er omgaat in het mannelijke brein en deze zes getrouwde mannen lichten een tipje van de sluier op. Ze hebben het over hun grootste, maar geheime seksuele fantasieën, die ze never nooit niet zouden delen met hun echtgenoten en in de meeste gevallen snappen we ook echt wel waarom.

1. Samen met de beste vriendin van zijn vrouw

“Sometimes I have this fantasy where my wife invites her best friend over, we have a few drinks, and then she starts telling her (in front of me) how I like to be sucked and have sex. Then they both get on their knees and begin giving me a blow job. What makes it crazy hot is that my wife is telling her friend what to do the whole time — teaching her. I would never tell my wife about this — she would kill me.” – Joe

2. Rimming

“Rimming — definitely rimming. One time, my wife licked my balls and I made it really obvious I was into it, hoping she’d move her head down more. I tried to lick her anus once when I was going down on her, partly because I’m into it but also because I thought it would send her the message to try it on me. But she hated it and made me stop. She thinks the whole area is dirty but I think it’s hot. One of my exes used to do it to me and even though I’m glad that relationship is over, I miss the rimming.” – Brian

3. Haar vriendinnen als toeschouwers tijdens de seks

“Our sex life is great, but there’s one fantasy I have: I want to have sex with my wife while her friends watch. Sometimes when we have sex, I leave the blinds in our bedroom open on purpose — even though I know the neighbours can’t see through the shrubs. But what turns me on more is thinking about having her friends over, taking her into the bedroom to fuck her, leaving the door open, and knowing her friends are watching us.” – Jim

4. Aangetrokken voelen tot totaal andere vrouwen

“I don’t watch a lot of porn, but I have a few videos saved on my computer. I think my wife would be shocked if she saw the women that turn me on. They don’t really look like her. My wife is beautiful — she’s tall, has a great body, and has blonde hair. A lot of the women in [the porn I watch] have bigger bodies and bigger boobs, and I think Asian women are hot. I love being married to my wife and we have great sex — porn is just fantasy. But I don’t think she’d understand.” – Chris

5. Iets met een rieten mandje in een seksclub

“OK, I never tell anyone this because my fantasy is weird and it involves a basket. When I was a teenager, an older guy told me about some kind of sex club in Manhattan where a woman will climb into a low-hanging wicker basket, you lay down under her, and she lowers herself onto you to have sex. So, the basket also spins around at the same time. It blew my mind then and it still can make me hard just thinking about it. I think my wife would think I’m nuts if I brought it up — and even if she doesn’t, it’s not the kind of fantasy you can just play out in your bedroom.” – Dom

6. Domineren

“My wife has a lot of rape fantasies that I’m happy to play out with her. But I wish she would try to dominate me for once. Even if she doesn’t want to straight-out peg me, which I’d be open to trying, just be more aggressive. Put a finger up my ass or hold down my arms when we have sex. Anything.” – Craig

Mannen onthullen van welke ‘dirty talk’ ze sneller klaarkomen


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6 getrouwde mannen onthullen hun geheime seksuele verlangens