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Als je deze vaardigheden hebt, ben je blijkbaar beter in bed

We zeggen niet dat we het eens of oneens zijn met deze mensen, of dat ze feiten uitspreken, maar deze vaardigheden zouden nog wel eens kunnen betekenen dat iemand goed is in bed. Een grote groep is het er in ieder geval wél mee eens!

1. Een instrument kunnen bespelen.

“My girlfriend told me she’s glad I’m a bass player. Took me a while to realize why.” — jdloyola

“Girls who can play the flute give amazing head. This is possibly true of all wind instruments, but I can only confirm for flautists.” — Kahzgul

“The finger dexterity of a piano player.” — Zendainc

“Playing an instrument. Pick any one, and generally you’re going to find sexually frustrated people willing to go at it in the sack. I should clarify that they have to be GOOD at the instrument for this to apply.” — PM_Me_Your_Ass_Feet

2. Goed kunnen luisteren en communiceren.

“Oddly enough I’ve found a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at one’s self is a pretty good indicator of somebody who will be good in bed. Even if they aren’t experts an attitude of playfulness and not putting so much pressure on everything being perfect go a long way.” — TownieMesiah

“Listening. People that pay attention to what you say also pay attention to how you react to certain things leading them to discover what you really love.” — diegojones4

“If you can talk about sex frankly without blushing or getting self-conscious. You will never get your needs met or be able to meet your partner’s needs if you can’t even discuss what those needs are.” — HAPiper

“Confidence and honest conversation skills. That translates to someone not afraid to ask what you want in bed, and not afraid to tell you what they want.” — DreadfulRauw

3. Goed zijn met je tong (ja, deze is iets meer obvious).

“When a man can clean up the little tiny cup of jell-o shot with his tongue.” — StoicBanana

4. Goed zijn met dieren.

“Girl friend of mine said if a guy can’t pet a cat, he’s not good in bed. because it’s all process of elimination, and every woman is different. If you can’t figure out pretty quickly where/how a cat likes to be touched, you are probably not great in bed.” — themikeswitch

“When you see a person coax a cat into begging to be pet more. Gentle petting that varies in intensity, with fleeting breaks that remind the cat how little it wants you to stop.” — nonrebreather

“One time I was petting a corgi gently and two women seemed to enjoy watching!” — KnowledgeGrabber

5. Goed zijn in sport.

“Yoga. Someone who is flexible, can hold positions for a while, and is in control of their breathing.” — I_Think_I_Cant

“Squats.” — aylandgirl

“Career swimmer here. A man that has a fantastic butterfly. Very smooth hip thrusts!” — quinndubya

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Als je deze vaardigheden hebt, ben je blijkbaar beter in bed