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Deze 15 mannen vertellen waardoor ze een vrouw als ‘saai’ bestempelen

Natúúrlijk gaan we hierdoor niet ons hele datingleven omgooien en blijven we lekker onszelf, maar toen we zagen dat diverse mannen zich uitlieten over vrouwen, waren we natuurlijk wel benieuwd wat ze te zeggen hadden.

Op Reddit vroeg een man zich af waardoor andere mannen konden afknappen op een vrouw, en dan met name de ‘kwaliteiten’ waardoor ze haar saai zouden vinden. Of je blij wordt van alle reacties, dat misschien niet, maar we wilden ze toch graag met je delen. Bij dezen! (En die laatste, die mag je wél even goed tussen je oren knopen.)

‘What makes a woman boring to you?’

1. JudahLebrowitz

‘Inability to flirt back or make jokes back. I give it a while to see if they open up, but if they never do, it’s a bad sign. If we’re together for a long time, there will be times the only things we can say to each other are jokes or flirty things. They need to be able to play off me or let me play off them. Otherwise it’s just not fun.’

2. AlexanderGson

‘A woman that expects me to be the entertainer is boring to me.’

3. DFP_

‘A lack of stories. Even if you’re some Rockstar, if you just got there by going through the motions I’m going to be more fascinated by the waitress who ended up here after an unorthodox set of circumstances.’

4. Wolfey1618

‘If she dislikes or doesn’t respect my interests.’

5. Cross-Country

‘When what she wants in life is to “have adventures”.’

6. Paratrooper_19D

‘One word answers. Dead fish/extremely vanilla sex. Canned answers to questions. No original thoughts or opinions that aren’t just to make me happy (yes women). Belief in hocum and bottled up hippy pseudo spirituality. No hobbies or career ambitions (stay home mommy isn’t a career). No sense of humor or really easily offended.’

7. BlueSignRedLight

‘One word answers and no passion for anything. I don’t care if it’s knitting, be passionate about something!’

8. the-rogue-one

‘no interests or passions too much one way talky talky talky.’

9. Undercover_Hitler

‘Lack of passion. About anything. A hobby, a pet, a dead president, I don’t care what you care about, but care about something! I’ve legitimately had women look at me like I asked a trick question upon hearing me say, “So tell me something interesting about yourself.”‘

10. leonprimrose

‘Not being passionate or at least interested in something. In order to have a conversation you have to have interests. I met a girl once that basically did nothing except work and cook for herself. She wasn’t particularly enthused about either. She just did them because she needed to and/or was bored. She was nice enough but there was no substance.’

11. Changes4175

‘Lack of depth of emotion. Be passionate about things, get angry about things, use that anger to do things to make the world a better place.’

12. Anon2971

‘Having no passions or hobbies. So many people I know sleepwalk through life with studying and working. Everyone does that. I’d much rather be talking with someone about something they’re really interested in than tell me ‘oh I don’t do much, I just work’.’

13. Hawks_2008

‘No hobbies, not engaging in conversations, too focused on social media etc.’

14. Dementat_Deus

‘When she just keeps droning on and on with the latest gossip. Not many women I’ve met are really bad about it, but the few that are, are literally the most boring people I’ve met.’

15. cabe565

‘She’s more interested in how her life looks on social media than how her life actually feels.’

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Deze 15 mannen vertellen waardoor ze een vrouw als ‘saai’ bestempelen