Deze mannen onthullen wat ze het liefst van je willen tijdens de seks

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Deze mannen onthullen wat ze het liefst van je willen tijdens de seks

Als vrouw zijn we vanzelfsprekend nieuwsgierig naar wat een man het liefst wil dat er gebeurt tussen de lakens. Hoewel iedere vent natuurlijk zijn eigen voorkeuren heeft – en je jouw bedpartner dus het best even kunt vragen wat hij precies lekker vindt – zijn we toch benieuwd naar de meningen van menig man.

Op Reddit werd daarom aan mannen de vraag gesteld welke sekstip ze het liefst aan vrouwen zouden willen geven, en daar werden onderstaande eerlijke antwoorden op gegeven.

1. If you show that you want it more than anything else at the moment, that’s… wow! – Lufernaal

2. Be vocal! Tell me if you dislike what I’m doing, or if you really like it and want me to keep going. I can’t get myself off if I’m not getting you off, that’s just how I am. This may not be for everyone though. – idrissrocks

3. This may not work for everyone, but bite me. Right in the neck/shoulder area. If a girl bites my shoulder playfully while kissing or something, Im turned on. If its on the neck, Im ready to go then and there. – browntown92

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4. Dated a girl who would slightly and infrequently moan while making out and doing anything sexual, it was the sexiest subtle thing I have ever come across. – theCHAMPdotcom

5. Know your body. Don’t want to amaze us. Simply help us make love to you. – ABC_Florida

6. Enthusiasm. Try the neck kiss. I never knew that could literally make my knees go weak until a girl kissed me there. – cnprof

7. When he’s ready to come, stop moving completely. Leave him in full control for the last few seconds. – derpendence


8. When giving head the wetter the better. Slobber on that thing. It feels better and is also a huge turn on. – Crimson013

9. Find where your man’s spot is. There’s somewhere on his penis that will launch him through the roof. His that spot when you’re giving him head, or find an angle when you’re fucking that brushes that spot. He’ll be eating out of your hand in no time. – UnhingedSalmon

10. Initiate. – Brytard

11. seriously. Some women get humped, some women bounce up and down..but the BEST women get their hips into it and gyrate. This includes during doggy style. Yes, you can actually move. Work those hips. – DrDiarrhea

12. Find out if the fella enjoys ball play. It can be uncomfortable for some of us. – DeaconoftheStreets

13. If there’s something that your guy does when he gets really into it (slapping your ass, grabbing your ankles, a finger in the butt), tell him to do it instead of just letting it happen. It’ll unlock a sweeping feeling of validation and he’ll super dig it. – boshin-goshin

14. Starfish is never a valid technique. – Casus125

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