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Deze mannen verklappen wat vrouwen volgens hen verkeerd doen in bed

Je man zal dingen bij jou doen waar je niet laaiend enthousiast over bent, maar misschien doe jij ook wel dingen die hij stiekem niet zo prettig vindt. Op Reddit werd de vraag gesteld wat de onprettigste dingen zijn die vrouwen in bed doen. Doe er je voordeel mee, maar onthoud vooral dat het belangrijk (en leuk!) is om met je partner te praten over wat je lekker vindt.

When they jerk you off like they’re trying to start a campfire in the palm of their hand w/your dick – BrisketWrench

I had a girlfriend that got off on spreading the hole on top of my penis open and flicking the slit with her tongue like she was eating a very tiny vagina. It was random as hell and it really didn’t feel all that great. She was gorgeous though, so I put up with that shit for awhile. – PostCool

Getting too damned rough with the balls. Those things are sensitive ladies, and are easily hurt. My fiancee and I have been together for 5 years, and I still have to remind her about it. You want to treat them like eggs, not tennis balls. – mysterious_baker

Starting a non sexy conversation while we are doing it. Is this really the time to comment that we need milk? – Ilikewaterandjuice

When they try to hump as your humping and everything falls off beat. Then you gotta restart your momentum. – Froddoyo

Using your teeth while you give a blow job. God damn I still can’t forget this one chick giving literally most painful worst blowjob I ever had. – ModernLoverr

Doing literally nothing. – Dylinquency

Riding on top, the girl leans all the way back. Sure great experience for you but it doesn’t bend too well. – LotteryofJustice

Fake porn moans, stop that, make your real sounds. – GreatNorthernHouses

Only if I ask for it, and at no other time, may you even approach my asshole. Preparation and diet are HIGHLY required before you mess with my poop chute. – puckbeaverton

I had this girl, not long ago, that thought it was hot to instead of stroking the dick she just kind of squeezed it, at first I didn’t quite even notice the problem, I thought she was for whatever reason just grabbing it, but when I noticed the squeezing it took everything in me to not laugh out loud. – SosX

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Deze mannen verklappen wat vrouwen volgens hen verkeerd doen in bed