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Emily viel 63 kilo af zonder ingewikkeld dieet of sportschema

Toen Emily Amerson op 1 juli 2015 na een doktersafspraak onderweg naar huis reed, had ze door dat het zo niet langer kon. Ze woog 136 kilo, worstelde met de verwoestende ziekte lupus, leed aan een schildklier auto-immuunziekte en had een galblaasaandoening. Emily gooide op haar eigen manier haar hele leven om en verloor volledig op eigen houtje 63 kilo.

So this is totally out of my comfort zone and ive never said anything about my journey publicly, but today is a special day. Today is 2 years to the day I started on a journey to health. As of today im down 105 lbs. Which is very exciting on its own, but what is so much more important to me is that im actually HEALTHY! This time 2 years ago i had been diagnosed with lupus, and 5 other "unknown autoimmune diesease" a severely malfunctioning hypothyroidism, i was having major galbladder attacks weekly, low liver function and was in pain constantly. The doctors didn't know what to do and in a moment of utter dispair i felt God tell me that he made my body to heal and would work all things for good. I threw myself fully into "alternative" medicine and natural healing. Its been SUCH a long, frustrating, joyful, hard, wonderful, exhausting and PAINFUL transformation. Ive spent hundreds if not into the thousand of hours researching and trying new things. I searched for and have been lead to the right people with the right knowledge every step of the way. So many of you have been part of this journey, and i thank everyone one of you. Now all of my medical tests come back completely clear of autoimmune and negative for lupus. My thyroid functions entirely normally without ANY thyroid medications, my gallbladder has NOT been removed and hasnt had an attack for well over a year, my liver function is optimal. I feel like ive been given a new lease on life, losing the 105lbs is just a bonus! This journey has been physical, internal, external, emotional, and spiritual. There is not one single aspect of my life or family that hasnt been radically altered through this, but im thankful my higher power loves me to much to not deal with EVERYTHING even heart stuff that needs his healing. I know this might seem a little mushy, but as reflect today i just have insufficient words to express my gratitude for everything that has lead me where i am today. And i am so glad i get to continue on this journey and find that Gods mercies are new each day. #transformation #healing #journeys #grateful #strongwomen #higherpower #onedayatatime

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Een nieuw eetschema

Ze bande alle bewerkte suikers uit haar leven, gooide al het bewerkte voedsel dat ze in huis had weg en verving het voor vers eten. Kreeg ze wel een keer cravings? Dan zorgde ze ervoor dat ze zelf de verse variant van het product kon maken. Al na een jaar van alleen gezond eten, was ze 23 kilo kwijt.

Naar de sportschool

Om haar gewichtsverlies naar een volgend level te tillen, besloot Emily de stap naar de sportschool te wagen. En niet met een ingewikkeld fitness-schema, maar gewoon op eigen houtje. Met niet meer dan een ’60-Day Challenge program’ dat haar inspireerde verschillende oefeningen te doen, trainde ze er nog eens 40 kilo vanaf.

Today is another big milestone day for me. This morning I finally made it past 130 lbs of weight realeased. 133 to be exact! I also completed my 5th consectutive #lt60daychallenge with #lifetimeathleticroseville . I remember with each one of these challenges while looking at the "after" pictures I would think, "geez I worked so hard but I cant see the difference". It felt so discouraging at times but now when I line them all up side by side Im SOOO thankful that I just trusted the process and kept on going anyways, because now I can hardly recognize the person I was, inside and out. Im so thankful to this new life and the many of you who have supported and walked with me along the way. Big shout out to my trainer @ramonblankenship for all the support this challenge! #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #transformation #healthyeating #recovery #progressnotperfection

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Twee jaar later

In twee jaar tijd verloor ze volledig dankzij haar sterke motivatie 63 kilo lichaamsgewicht. En als we Emily zelf mogen geloven is haar huidige workout verbazingwekkend eenvoudig:
“I’ve never been the person in the gym doing the awesome workouts — you know, the ones with fire in their eyes in beast mode grunting and leaping over things. Yeah, that’s not me,” aldus Emily.
Verder vertelt ze dat ze de ene dag fanatieker traint dan de andere, maar altijd consistent is:
“I mix it up so I don’t get bored, but the main thing I do ‘right’ is that I move each day mindfully and with loving intention.”

Most of you know im opposed to shirts that say stuff on them, (ya, i know im weird) but this one is #theexception i have NOT done everything right by any means,…but I have not quit, and those who know me know the physical is just a partial representation of the changes. #dontquit #itoldyou #igotgoals

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Zo zie je maar weer: met een goede motivatie kun je zo ver komen als je zelf wilt. Wij hebben in ieder geval ontzettend veel respect voor Emily.


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Emily viel 63 kilo af zonder ingewikkeld dieet of sportschema