Mannen bekennen wat hun meest vrouwelijke guilty pleasure is

De scheiding tussen mannen en vrouwen vervaagt en niemand kijkt er meer van op als een man jouw mousse in zijn haar smeert of jij een spijker in de muur slaat.

Loop je wel eens in een mannenshirt? Of gebruik je stiekem zijn parfum, omdat het best door zou kunnen gaan voor unisex? Helemaal prima. Ook mannen bekenden hun meest ‘vrouwelijke’ gewoonte. Altijd al benieuwd waarom je dagcrème zo snel op is? Deze mannen bekennen:

“Bubble baths. Especially with those dope-ass bath bombs from Lush. I’m a big ass hairy biker dude with a beard that makes babies cry.”

“I buy scented candles and light them regularly. I love it.”

“I coat my face with Olay face cream twice a day. Have been for years. I’m 51 and not a wrinkle. Someone at work last night told me that I look like I’m still in my thirties.”

“I do that thing how girls cross their legs instead of doing it the man way which is uncomfortable.”

“Big manly metalworker here: I like to knit and crochet. Fuck you, beanies and scarves are awesome.”

“I like to color pictures of butterflies and animals with glitter pens at work. It’s a call center, there isn’t much else to do and everything is flat office colors.”

“I’m a pretty big guy enlisted in the military who moonlights as a cage fighter. I read fan fiction constantly. Constantly…. Right now, I’m loving alternate endings to Life is Strange fan fics. I love that hipster bullshit.”

“I go every couple of months to get a pedi, mani and my eye brows waxed. I used to get bad ingrown nails on my toes and fingers but after starting to do that every couple of months I haven’t had to deal with any of the pain. No, I don’t have a uni-brow, I just like how my face looks when my eyebrows are done.”

“I watch Beauty and the Beast once or twice a month, by myself, and sing all the songs. I love that movie.”

“Baby talk with my dog. I love my little wittle monkey-wunkie. Yes I do. Yes I do. If I saw this being done by others in public I would be filled with contempt.”

“I sometimes cry during the happy endings of… Disney movies.”

“I’m a pretty stereotypically manly 6’5″ bearded straight guy. I get pedicures with my mom whenever I’m in town.”

“I love a good sit-down pee. I’m fucking tired. I don’t want to stand.”

“I’m a big manly man who loves football and pussy… and chick flicks. If Devil Wears Prada, Ten Things I Hate About You, or Love Actually is on, I’m fucking there. My wife walked in the living room the other night and was like, ‘Ugh, do we have to watch Phantom of the Opera again?’ Yes. Yes we do.”

“I love musicals, so from time to time when I’m alone I recreate my own made up musical with songs I like. I sing, act and dance every song and scene. Some times I spend more than 2 hours doing this.”

“I get frappuccinos from Starbucks. Yes, I’m aware it’s a milkshake. I’m also aware that it’s fucking delicious.”

“I consider myself a manly person… I have a beard, I build my own shit, and I don’t back down from any fight… but I cant sleep without a cuddle pillow or being the little spoon.”

“Eat a whole thing of ice cream in one sitting when I’m feeling down.”

“I wear an apron when I bake.”

“I eat a shit-ton of steak and I lift weights 6 days a week. I also pluck my eyebrows.”

“Gossip to girls in the office about other girls in the office.”

Wat is jouw ‘mannelijke’ guilty pleasure? Laat het ons weten!


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Mannen bekennen wat hun meest vrouwelijke guilty pleasure is