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Suze van As Love & Life 17 mei 2019
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Mannen onthullen van welke ‘dirty talk’ ze sneller klaarkomen

Het is altijd interessant om te weten wat mannen echt denken. Dit keer vertellen ze van welke dirty talk ze sneller hun hoogtepunt bereiken – en het is echt uiteenlopend.

Voor sommigen is het al genoeg als je überhaupt geluid maakt, en anderen vinden het blijkbaar mega sexy wanneer je tegen ze zegt dat de tijd bijna op is. Ieder zijn ding!



“My SO just moans in my ear while she’s on top – cum almost instantly” – @Papafern


“Blunt stuff, like “this is what I think about when I touch myself.” Knowing the girl is really into me and into what I’m doing is pretty sexy.” – @bullets_blades


“Don’t cum” – @zomirp96


“Don’t stop” – @updn


“‘I want you to come in me’ that’ll work” – @SidtheRedditKid


“‘come inside’ or something along those lines.
This of course depends on your relationship with the guy and if you’re using a condom or not but nothing is hotter than essentially being told to knock you up. Caters to that primal instinct to breed I guess.”
– @CosmicRave


“Your hour is almost up” – @Mike_of_the_weedz


“My parents just got home” – @nickachu_


“Sometimes no matter what you do, the guy just can’t cum easily. Don’t blame it on yourself thinking you’re missing something or doing it wrong.
That being said, personally any dirty talk that says that you want me to cum or that you wanna feel/swallow it/whatever works pretty well.”
– @Little_Umbrella


“‘oh my gosh i need you to come for me right now’ tends to do the trick” – @vancouverbabe


“I like ‘cum for me'” – @ProfM3m3


“RELEASE THE KRAKEN” – @Not_A_Unique_Name


“NOW” – @Tehshayne


“Sensing that she is enjoying herself is my biggest turn-on. If she is moaning with pleasure and it’s genuine and I know I’m satisfying her and I’m about to give her a massive orgasm, that puts me over the edge every time.” – @lowbattery001


“Can’t really say anything, but throw your claws in my back or bite me and I’m finished.” – @cquigley666


“Just tickle my balls” – @rocked_licker


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Mannen onthullen van welke ‘dirty talk’ ze sneller klaarkomen