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Suze van As Love & Life 14 feb 2019

Mannen onthullen wanneer zij knikkende knietjes krijgen van vrouwen

We vragen ons zo vaak af wat er omgaat in het mannenbrein. Gelukkig delen ze vaak genoeg op Reddit wat ze écht denken en dit keer vertellen ze over de geweldige dingen die vrouwen doen.

Wat doen we nou precies, onbewust of bewust, wat ervoor zorgt dat mannen helemaal zwak van je worden? Op Reddit deelden deze eerlijke mannen waar ze nou knikkende knietjes van krijgen. Blijkbaar krijgen we het al voor elkaar door met onze haren te wapperen nadat we een elastiekje uit doen, of door simpelweg lief naar hem te glimlachen. Het is dus makkelijker dan we denken!

Altijd goed om te lezen dat mannen intelligentie ook aantrekkelijk vinden

1. “Capable of having sarcastic banter without getting offended or able to intelligently debate her point without putdowns or generalities. Hot.” – scotiej

2. “in general have fun and intelligent conversations about things they’re passionate about, few women seem willing to drop their guard to show their excitement about their hobbies and interests specifically she almost always has just a hint of sadness in her eyes and her smile is just a courteous one but once in a while when she’s genuinely happy everything about her lights up, it’s like she smiles with her entire body. When she smiles that way, especially if it’s because of something I did, it touches me in a place I never knew existed until I saw that smile.” – le_fez

Deze twee nemen het wel heel letterlijk

3. “Kicking me in the balls Normally I can’t stand for a few minutes after that. This happens very rarely” – PlanetaryGenocide

4. “Had a girl tear my mcl in soccer” – high_side

Of als een vrouw weet wat hij lekker vindt

5. “Once in a while, if I am super stressed or buried in work, my gf will waltz into the room naked and give me an un-prompted, no questions asked bj. She doesn’t say anything, just spins my office chair around, gets to business, gives me a wink when she’s done, and leaves me to my work. Holy mother of god are those are the best. I’ve found a keeper.” – NathanS

6. “Bite my ear and then talk dirty and I am putty in your hands.” -mynameistoast

7. “Just be cutesie with me, play with my ears, touching my face, looking at me with a playful smirk, look into my eyes etc.” – Atheist101

8. “Women that can pull off a vulgar joke or be funny in a sexy way make me crazy. A good example was a German girl I knew in university who had almost no accent but one day when the inevitable mention of the World Wars came up, and I made some lame joke about Germany being good at everything except conquering Europe. She looked me square in the eyes and says…” – heretik

9. “When they cook me spaghetti right before my epic rap battle.” – lookatamonkey

Bij deze mannen komt het door de kleine dingetjes

10. “Laugh at my jokes” – h2g2_researcher

11. “when women let their hair down, like take a helmet off or a bobble out their hair, love it” – K_Click_D

12. “Neck kisses” – Bicoastalshrimp

En (voorspelbaar) door gewoon heel erg sexy te zijn

13. “I like exhibitionism. If I’m out and about with a girl and she does something provacative in a public place, I’m like OH MY GOD. I love it. My biggest turn-on forever. But aside from that specific kink, I like it when a woman is aggresive and/or dominant in a way that most women aren’t. 90% of women want me to take control, but its the other 10% that take what they want and that turns me on the most.” – shetheonewhofckedup

14. “When she grabs me and tells me what she wants. Also touching my face is very intimate for me. Also challenging me intellectually makes me swoon a bit.”– FaenK

Deze twee hebben dan weer iets voor zwemkleding en auto’s. Ieder zijn ding!

15. “When I see a woman driving a manual transmission car I get weak in the knees.” – STRMfrmXMN

16. “Bikinis. I’m not sure what it is, but when you see just the right amount of buttcheek peaking out and a slight but noticeable wedgie…. sploosh” – poopbutt2012


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Mannen onthullen wanneer zij knikkende knietjes krijgen van vrouwen