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Mannen onthullen wat ze écht van ochtendseks vinden

Vieze adem, ongewassen private parts en intense slaperigheid: het zijn over het algemeen niet de meest aantrekkelijke details waarom het op seks aankomt. Waarom vinden mensen het eigenlijk leuk om ‘s ochtends direct na ontwaking los te gaan in bed? Deze mannen vertellen wat ze ervan vinden.

Het is een feit dat mannen over het algemeen meer van de ochtendseks zijn, en een groter aantal vrouwen avondseks prefereert; dit is simpelweg te danken aan hoe onze lichamen samengesteld zijn. Toch zijn heus niet alle mannen voorstander van ochtendseks, blijkt uit deze nieuwe openbaringen. Elite Daily stelde een aantal kritische vragen aan mannen en het is best verhelderend.

Houden mannen van ochtendseks?

“I’m not fond of it. I generally find that I’m less ‘functional’ first thing in the morning, but beyond that, I’m just less in that headspace. I prefer sex after coffee, at least.” – Dan (37)

“Generally I am for it. More into weekend morning sex than weekday, but both have their merits.” – Dexter (34)

“[No.] It usually wrecks me for the whole rest of the day, so I usually avoid it. Possible factors: I’m 33, married and I don’t get any exercise. If I’m hungover, all of the above goes out the window for some reason, and it’s game on.” – Anoniem 1

Waarom wel, waarom niet?

“I’m more interested in sex when I feel sexy, and I just find that that takes a while to warm up to, as the day goes on.” – Dan

“It’s fun and low pressure and generally way more sober than night sex, which I think allows for a better connection.
I think my favorite thing about it is I feel like I’ve accomplished something that day before I even got out of bed. It makes me feel productive. It’s almost like going to the gym in the morning before work — something I haven’t done a single time in my life.
If it’s a weekday and we go off to work, I like thinking about it to break up the monotony of the day. The girl I’m dating now says it’s the only thing that can cure her hangover. And then, you get to go eat brunch while basking in the afterglow.”
– Dexter

“It’s more intimate and calm. It’s sleepy and loving. I almost prefer it to night or other times in the day. At night, I’m VERY tired (work and kid), but on the random morning when the baby isn’t up and we don’t have to get up for work, it’s so nice to slowly work into foreplay and then sex.” – Anoniem 2

Hoe vergelijk je ochtendseks met seks op andere tijdstippen?

“Sex at night is something you’re just, like, supposed to do, and afternoon sex seems naughty because either you have to go to bed during the one time of day beds go unused, or you do it somewhere else.
I think morning sex is somewhere in the middle. There’s always an excuse to not do it in the morning (I have to get up and get ready or I’m too hungover), but it’s generally a worthwhile venture.”
– Dexter

“To me, it’s more intimate. There’s natural light in the room as opposed to nighttime when it’s dark. [And] we are both sleepy and waking up slowly.” – Anoniem 2

En problemen met slechte adem in de ochtend?

“I’ve never noticed a problem with morning breath in my partner, but I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable getting into a proper snog until I’ve brushed my teeth.” – Dan

“I think it only is if you let it be [a problem]. I think there’s usually less kissing in the morning — obviously only talking about sex before tooth-brushing, which can happen if you just roll over and are ready or don’t have a tooth brush at this person’s house/on your person.
But I think it’s something both parties are conscious of, and I think more self-conscious of than anything else. If it’s someone you’ve been with for a while, you know they generally don’t taste gross, and it’s just, like, a little thing you both have to deal with in order to get this nut. It’s no big deal.”
– Dexter

“LOL, no, at least not on my end.” – Anoniem 2

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Mannen onthullen wat ze écht van ochtendseks vinden