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Mannen vertellen wat je moet weten voordat je gaat samenwonen met je vriend

Samenwonen met je vriend is een grote stap die we niet te licht moeten nemen. Ook volgens deze mannen moet je een aantal dingen écht weten voor je de stap waagt.

Samenwonen is meer dan afspraken maken over de takenverdeling in huis – deze 15 mannen geven prima tips en adviezen die helpen om harmonieus samen te gaan wonen met je vriend. Het is natuurlijk jammer dat je niet helemaal zelf de inrichting kan bepalen, maar zorg ervoor dat hij in ieder geval weet wat je van plan bent (en het ermee eens is)!


“Be a good roommate and make sure he is too but keep that dynamic separate from your relationship.” – @EdgarFrogandSam


“You two are going to be spending a lot of time together now but it’s important to be two different people. Remember to do things separately so you feel independent from each other instead of attached at the hip. Also, sometimes it’s nice to make what you want for dinner and just worry about you. My girlfriend and I “fend for ourselves” some nights and it’s a nice way to change things up for the both of us.” – @PigeonsOnYourBalcony


“Wanting alone time doesn’t stem from not wanting to spend time with the other, don’t get self conscious over it.” – @lil-nacho


“Be ready to get on each others nerves a bit correlated to how long one or the other of you has lived alone. Living together requires some compromises and adjustments. It can also reduce your horniness because you both see each other more so I find it helpful to consciously keep up my desire.” – @wastedfucking


“Remember that it’s his home too. Remember that he’s allowed to spend time doing things he wants to do. Try not to start on him the moment he gets home.” – @harmonicca


“Don’t take over the house.Ask him before making major changes to anything etc. You live there together. Too many women automatically think that they are now in change of all decoration and furnishing and will start moving things around willy nilly.

I lived with my sister and my brother once. She started trying to rearrange the furniture in his room at one point because she thought she knew a better way. Things would constantly move around in the kitchen and the bathroom without prior notice. Incredibly frustrating.” – @theCroc


“This TV idea that there going to be some item he loves that you hate is bullshit. Just talk with him about it. If it’s something he loves, you should try to understand why. If there’s something you hate, he should try to understand why.” – @suicidalsanity


“This one may be specific to me, but don’t be a slob. I lived with an gf (now ex) a few years ago and she was a disaster. It was one of the few things we fought about. I like my place to be clean and organized, I shouldn’t have to clean up after someone else. Same reason I hated having roommates.” – @XjohnsonX


“Living together doesn’t mean spending more time together.” – @yessum447


“Be the kind of person you’d want to have as a roommate. Just common courtesy and cleanliness type of stuff, like not leaving a lot of things around the sink after getting ready, cleaning up after yourself, etc.” – @stormwillpass


“Financial setup, a 50:50 utility payment division, equal grocery spending.” – @Plerd


“Above all else, remember this: Men get married because they want things to stay the same. Women get married because they expect things to improve.” – @billiarddaddy


“Talk about how you want to divide chores, expenses, etc. Also, don’t get freaked out if you find there’s more conflict than normal for the first little while. Moving in together is fun, but can be crazy stressful initially as well. Good luck!” – @NYExplore


“My girlfriend just moved in with me this past Sunday. Here are a few things I’ve noticed: It’s really nice to clean, cook, and just relax with each other. It’s very important that you two still have your own space. I liked to play video games while my girlfriend likes to browse on her computer.

If you have suggestions on how to change/organize some things, you should ask him/let him know first. You should be excited! It will be fun! Edit: it’s okay if you guys go to bed at different times. One thing I’ve noticed with my girlfriend is that she likes to go to be early and I don’t. We’re still working on that one lol” – @falcoflyer11


“Make it your responsibility to keep the toilet paper stocked. I guarantee you’ll be using more of it than he is.” – @slice_of_pi

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Mannen vertellen wat je moet weten voordat je gaat samenwonen met je vriend