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Suze van As Love & Life 17 apr 2019

Mensen onthullen de gekste dingen die hun exen deden tijdens de break-up

Break-ups zijn eigenlijk altijd vervelend en een beetje gek, maar sommige mensen worden er letterlijk een beetje cray cray van.

Op Reddit deelden mensen hun raarste break-up verhalen en sommige hiervan zijn ronduit gestoord. Stiekem wel een beetje vermakelijk om sappige verhalen te lezen. Weten wij ook meteen weer dat we normaler zijn dan een flink aantal gekkies op de wereldbol! Bereid je voor op stalk-verhalen en zelfs een ex-vriendin die zijn piemel eraf wilde bijten (aiii).


“Accused me of stalking him, breaking into his house, and trying to murder him. He says he has it on security footage. I’d be very surprised if he did because I was in a completely different state. He threatened to call the cops and sue me. Never happened. I don’t talk to him any more.” – scienceisanart


“Pretended to kill herself, then when I didn’t believe her she drove by my house and put candy and soda in my mailbox, then burst through my door crying and stood there.
My mom told me to leave through the backdoor and she’d handle it.
You the real MVP mom” – DylPickle32


“She sent nude pictures of me to my family members, friends, and co-workers.
I was 25 and in good shape back then so I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Everyone had a good attitude about, I ended up with a lot of compliments, even from my boss.
It didn’t work out the way she thought it would.”
– NarkiBarksdale


“He took all of the old love letters I had written him and cut them up and arranged words to make a desperate note to me, ransom note style, then showed up at my work to hand deliver it. Waited outside my whole shift to make sure I left alone.” – thymeconsuming


“He broke into my house, twice. The first time I was home, but he regretted breaking in and snuck out before I found out he was in the house. The second time, his friends got him out of my house before I got home. He then refused to get in the car with them after they got him out of my house and he began wandering around my neighborhood.

My neighbors ended up calling the cops on him because ironically enough, ‘he had a crazy look in his eye.’
We’ve been broken up for over a year and have had no communication. I just learned this week him and his new girlfriend tried to jump me a couple months ago from our mutual friends.”
– cookbook54


“Lied and said he killed a homeless man in order to make me sympathize with him that he was so mentally hurt by the break up.” – microfibers


“He read all my diaries and burned them. I had left them in our storage locker. For months and months I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my 20 years worth of writing. I got a picture of a fire pit and text after text of stuff I had done and written about.” – oceansparkmick


“He spray painted a penis on my car because I confronted him about his multiple other ladies.” – sarbot88


“Refuse to give back pictures from my moms funeral. It was the first time my Family had been together in more than a decade. And my mom was fucking dead. Terrible gf” – omoshiroimidori


“One guy would send me super angry texts for months after our breakup saying “you’re a b*tch” and “have fun being a meme for the rest of your life!”.
We were dating for two weeks!!!!!!”
– lovetempests


“Tried to justify her cheating with a co-worker because married life w/ 2 kids is boring. She showed up at my job to explain it.” – GeckoFlameThrower


“Pretended to kill herself. She texted me pretending to be her mom and told me that she had done it. It was horrible” – EternalCamper


“My ex has had a psychotic break and is currently stalking me and my partner, sending us threats, while he is armed and homeless in our new town (he is not from there, he has never lived there before, we just moved here) dude followed us from another state to be crazy. So now I’m always worried about running into him. Trying to get a restraining order, but he is literally crazy and needs to be hospitalized.” – snugginator


“Mine called her entire family to tell them she was breaking up with me. Invites them over, and then with the whole family there breaks up wth me. It was like being the second runner up on a singing show. You think your about to get some big news that will change your life… then you do.. except the other way around… and in front of a live studio audience.” – produce_this


“After I blocked his number, he bought about 100 prepaid SIM cards so he could try to contact me (i kept blocking every single one of them). Every week he would sit in his car at night and watch my house. This went on for about 4 years,even after he got married and had a daughter.”
– ChickenIsGold


“She spread the rumor that I use to beat her. Sad thing is, people believed her.” – fartphilanthropist


“Stole my shoes so I couldn’t get on the plane.” – TheMeatMenace


“He killed my fish by dumping dish soap in my fish tank. It was a bubbly smelly mess.
Also, he broke all my jewelry and punched several holes in the wall that same day. I was more upset about the fish, though, because who the fuck does that?”
– Cromium_kate


“Showed up at my new girlfriends door with a pair of my underwear in a baggie and said ‘He left these at my place’.” – rustiesbagel


“Thought this thread needed a female experience:
He chased me with a cricket bat screaming something like “why don’t you love me!”
Stalked my house, was always ou the front waiting for me.
Threatened any guy I went near.”
– progfect_imperfects


“The day after I broke up with her, she shaved her head and declared herself a lesbian. She has a new boyfriend now. Lol” – TimCreed


“Tried to bite my dick off… Took the nope train right to fuckthatville…” – hellboumd

Mannen onthullen wanneer zij knikkende knietjes krijgen van vrouwen


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Mensen onthullen de gekste dingen die hun exen deden tijdens de break-up