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Suze van As Post 15/05/2018

Volgens mannen doen we deze clingy dingen zonder het door te hebben

Misschien zijn sommige mannen gewoon zo bang om zich te binden dat ze alles clingy vinden, en misschien mogen sommige dames wat dimmen. Deze mannen op Reddit hebben een aantal behoorlijk uitgesproken voorbeelden van net iets te plakkerig zijn.

Als je ontzettend plakkerig of aanhankelijk bent, snappen we dat mensen gek van je worden. Het werkt namelijk best verstikkend als iemand 24/7 met je wil afspreken, elk uur van de dag wil bellen en je geen ruimte meer geeft. Vooral deze mannen op Reddit moesten even stoom afblazen. Sommige dingen die hun (ex)vriendinnen doen, verbazen zelfs ons een beetje, en andere klinken weer een tikje herkenbaar… Oeps.


“Over-romanticizing a person to which the person in real life and the person in their head are very different people with very different interests. A lot of women I know do this, where they have a continual romantic fantasy about a particular person and don’t find anything weird about it.

For example my first girlfriends already had a detailed design of how I am as a person before I even knew they liked me, and then got deeply upset or frustrated when it turned out that I’m not the sweet prince that they perceive me to be in their minds. Its very off putting.” – @CerealKiller528491


“Assuming you can sleep with me even when I’m telling you to stop. Seriously, I’ve had to physically fight off almost every woman who I said no to.” – @JaronK


“Because women are typically less threatening than men, it seems like some women feel they have license to be very forward sexually, in a way that can be considered creepy (“I’m attracted to you, so I’m touching you a lot” type of stuff).” – @Ibex89


“Being adamant about being only interested in marriage or long-term relationships from day one. It feels like walking into a car dealership. Could we get to know each other first and then bring that up?” – @GreenNukE


“Sending a friend request to a friend (or to my girlfriend, which my best friend does) without actually having met them.” – @m50


“Attempting to send friend requests/reach out to any family members of mine on Facebook before I’ve introduced you in person. I can’t believe this needed to be said to an ex of mine.” – @rickelzy


“I broke up with my last two girlfriends because they couldn’t keep anything a secret, i would tell them my deepest feelings, a family tradgedy, or something else very private, ask her to keep it between just the two of us then a day later she had told her best friend and then told her best friend and so on. Until i find out from a co-worker who doesn’t even know her, but knows a friend of a friend. So womens irresistible urge to gossip.” – @Jorbam


“Touching, don’t grab and squeeze my arm just because I have a tattoo and work out. Keep your damn hands to yourself till I give you permission to touch me.” – @Littlewigum


“Grabbing my chest to feel me up. Though if I’m being honest this is directly related if I find you attractive or not.” – @spanishgalacian


“Staring at me in my sleep. Terrifying to wake up sometimes lol” – @YourDreamsWillTell


“The selfies and instagram pics are creepy. It’s got a stepford wives vibe, in a lot of ways it feels more objectifying than anything else. Just put on a face and project this idea you are perfect, mysterious or sexy. And part of that is just the idea they need this highlight reel to compete with other people.” – @taughtmathinkorea


“Having a shit of selfies on instagram. It makes me think that you are full of yourself.” – @chettythomas12


“1) Thinking it’s cute to grope/slap-ass as a form of flirting. It’s not okay when guys do it to you. Treat people the way you wish to be treated.

2) If I just met you I don’t want to take Snapchat selfies with you. -this might just be a me thing because I’m not big on selfies.” – @forte145


“Facebook stalking” – @IntrntzUzr


“Talking about our sex life in detail. With guys the conversation is “you hooked up with her? cool” then we talk about sports. I have heard extremely intimate details of what happened between us from their friends, and this has happened across many years and partners.” – @Imapony


“Talk in detail about your sex life. A majority of girls I’ve dated have told details of what we did to their friends. Whereas the most I would say is yes we’ve done stuff. It just feels like an invasion of privacy.” – @Fishing_For_Pandas


“A couple of my exs expected to hang out every night. Not 3-4 times a week, EVERY NIGHT. This really smothered me.

Had another GF that would call me within 5 minutes nearly every day of me getting off of work additionally she required a one hour long phone call at night as well. I don’t even love myself that much.” – @theCHAMPdotcom


“I can relate here. I’m an air traffic controller, and I make six figures. At the time, I was driving a beat up truck so I could save up and buy my BMW with cash. She took one look at my truck, and said I wasn’t where she would want her partner to be financially. That dumb truck helped me dodge a pretty big bullet.” – @AnImbroglio


“I get uncomfortable when girls ask how much money I have/make. I’m a very successful, young engineer and they always ask for numbers when I tell them what I do. Honestly it’s wrong for anyone to ask that, but on a date? Seriously? I just don’t want people to look at me differently when I give them numbers. It’s happened before. Now my answer is always ‘not enough'” – @georgio99


“I don’t know if it’s “creepy” per se, but way too many women ask what I feel to be invasive questions. Particularly about my past flings. Why they ended, what the girls looked like, etc. I’m not into that.” – @Mustang80


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Volgens mannen doen we deze clingy dingen zonder het door te hebben