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20 vrouwen delen de grappigste reden waarom ze moesten huilen toen ze ongesteld waren

We hoeven jullie natuurlijk niet uit te leggen dat er vlak voor of tijdens je menstruatie soms weinig voor nodig is om in een huilbui uit te barsten.

Tja, we kunnen er nu eenmaal weinig aan doen dat onze hormonen soms de overhand nemen en we om de meest onbenullige reden een traantje (of twee) moeten wegpinken. Omdat we vergaten om onze cactus water te geven en deze het daarom heeft begeven, bijvoorbeeld. Of omdat je je blik soep niet open kunt krijgen.


Gelukkig kunnen we naderhand meestal wel lachen om onze emotionele escapades en dus besloten onderstaande vrouwen op het internet de grappigste reden te delen waarom ze moesten huilen toen ze (bijna) ongesteld waren.


“My husband didn’t butter my crumpet to the edges (not a euphemism).” – Samantha Baines


“I once cried my eyes out because my dog ate a spider.” – Grace Bee


“I welled up this week putting security tags on some baby clothes at work… I wanted one of the dresses in my size.” – Sally


“I couldn’t remember where the sauce pans went when I was unloading my my parents dishwasher!” – Lucy


“I once welled up and felt terribly sad when an ambulance whizzed past my car! I had to stop myself from crying!” – Victoria



“I cried at work because I forgot to water my cactus (Catalina jr) and then realized that she’s a cactus and cried because I cried over a cactus.” – PopTartFarmer


“I once cried because I couldn’t iron the creases out of my Dads shirt.” – susan_stohelit


“Because my boyfriend didn’t want any fried oyster mushrooms. I hadn’t made them yet.” – OryctolagusRex


“I couldn’t get my can of soup open.” – MapleBonsai


“I had a complete breakdown in my work’s breakroom because I could not find my Nutella sandwich.” – TheSybilKeeper



“I didn’t know whether or not I should put oranges in the refrigerator. Waterworks ensued.” – PrincessJellyshoes


“I cried because the cheese I was eating reminded me of my ex from Wisconsin.” – tiffanyh4fdeba716


“I once got very upset over the fact that the trees outside my window were too green.” – Cassie Womack


“I remembered that sea lions existed. They’re just so GOOD. They’re like water puppies.” – Amy Kramer


“Because Will & Grace wasn’t on Netflix.” – Logan Rose


“I cried because ‘No Diggity’ came on the radio and it is just such a great song.” – Alexdas


“I cried when I glanced at my dog and thought how gorgeous she is.” – crazyamylady


“I killed an ant then cried because I started thinking about the ant’s life and I convinced myself the ant had a family and I just killed dad ant.” – sierrad465f3bd3c


“My cat sat with my husband and not me.” – karlib4af707db4


“I cried in front of the pizza delivery guy and he just looked at me weird and asked if I was OK and I told him that I was happy that the pizza came.” – crystalg47e38c389

Dit is waarom je ongesteldheid gelijk loopt met die van je vriendinnen


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20 vrouwen delen de grappigste reden waarom ze moesten huilen toen ze ongesteld waren