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Reddit-gebruikers delen hun meest gênante seksmomenten ooit

Wie tegenwoordig op social media te vinden is weet dat schaamte online haast niet meer bestaat. Zo zijn onderwerpen die eerst beladen waren tegenwoordig gewoon bespreekbaar. Seksualiteit en seks in het algemeen worden steeds vaker openlijk besproken op Instagram, TikTok en Twitter en op Reddit delen vrouwelijke gebruikers hun meest gênante seksmomenten.

Het overkomt de besten!

Seks en relaties

Openlijk over seks praten is anno 2023 helemaal niet meer raar. Zo praatte niemand minder dan Emily Ratajkowski onlangs nog openlijk over haar seksualiteit in een interview met HOMME Girls. Maar naast celebrities delen ook niet-bekende mensen maar al te graag hun seksuele ervaringen op het internet.

Op de vraag “what’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during sex?” delen vrouwelijke Reddit-gebruikers massaal hun verhalen en wij zetten de meest herkenbare en ook hilarische reacties voor je op een rij.

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1. Gevonden voorwerpen

“My ex was going down on me. After I came, he came up to my level and said ‘I don’t want you to be embarrassed and it didn’t bother me, but I think you should know this before we go any further… you have a tampon in.’ I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY I FORGOT I WAS STILL ON MY PERIOD. Fucking trooper. I’ll never forget.” [Via]

2. Een nogal hilarische verspreking

“In the heat of the moment I was going to say ‘fuck my little pussy’ and said ‘fuck my little cock’ instead. We both died laughing 🤣” [Via]

3. Fake it till you make it

“So this guy I was seeing was alllllll about squirting, but I can’t even cum from sex, let alone squirt. But he made it a point of pride to ‘be the first to make me cum by fucking’ so eventually one night I just faked it, came off his dick and just pissed on him. He was so happy with himself too 😅” [Via]

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4. Een scheet en een doorzetter

“Doing doggy. I came and made a huge fart at the same time right in his face. He kept going though so I could finish cumming lol what a champ :’)” [Via]

5. Een stranddag met een onvoorspelbaar einde

“I was in a car in the winter and the windows fogged you because we were getting steamy in there 😉 next thing someone is knocking on the window we roll it down and it’s a police officer. He says ‘I know what you guys are doing you need to leave the beach’ (we were parked at a beach. We tried to play it off but he just told us to leave. The windows were so foggy, and we were in the back seat half naked lol there isn’t much explaining to do.” [Via]

6. Ongelukje…

“When I was still in school I had my girlfriend come over and we were doing stuff. She knocked the lamp off my bedside table while changing positions. My mom came running to see what the noise was and just came right into my room(there was no lock). I think that was the most awkward.” [Via]

7. Dinner is serverd

“Long story short: I was giving my boyfriend head in the car (we were boondocking on a crazy road trip) after just eating pringles. My gag reflex doesn’t exist (so I thought) and deepthroating isn’t an issue. Slowly I go all the way down, everything’s gucci, but the second that fucker leaves my throat prawn cocktail pringles go everywhere. Bear in mind, ain’t no showers where we were in the lake district. We were lucky there were baby wipes. However he took it like a champ (thank god he has kids) and pissed himself in laughter and still reminds me. That was like 9 months ago and I was absolutely mortified.” [Via]

8. Ehhmmmm

“Was giving oral sex and he put it a little too far in, instead of gagging I let out a fart. He made it worse by slapping my ass after to try to make it less awkward for me ..” [Via]

‘Men-imizing’ is nu dé officiële naam voor dit irritante trekje bij mannen

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